White sparkles abstract background 2014 was a crazy, crazy year. I branched out into a totally different genre, got a new name and wrote a couple of books under that name…and now here I am, still not sure what to do with all this, still in experimental mode!

I’ve enjoyed this entire year and all the wonderful things that have come along with it. My day job / career growth has thrown a spanner into my authoring ‘hobby’ (as you may have noticed with the lack of updates), but I still pushed to create and write when I could. I had a couple of things up on Wattpad, for free, and putting the finishing touches on Berry The G, which I am ashamed to say I’ve been working on for two years now. Mainly because that Other Genre is getting in the way ;-). No complaints though!

I might be doing a bit more Other Genre writing, so if you want to catch updates from me over there, sign up below — and let’s all say hello to 2015!


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