All This Wanting

First of let me just say how much I love that elegantly understated cover and that feels-inducing title!

Yup, “All This Wanting,” an anthology of New Adult short stories, is out now on Buqo! You can get the book by clicking here. If I havent’t clued you in about Buqo before, it’s a cool app that lets you read ebooks, Summit magazines and more right on your mobile or tablet. The great thing about it is the excellent price point – All This Wanting goes for P45, and if you’re on Android you can use your Smart load to by the book!

New Adult, by the way, is “an emerging literature category that focuses on themes of discovery and independence for characters in college to their mid-twenties” (I’m pasting from the Buqo blurb). So yes, it can be romance, but it can be so much more than that, too, and it’s a wonderful genre that I’m dipping my toes into. Also immensely glad to be in the company of such all-star writers: Ines Bautista Yao, Lois Ramos, Alyssa Marie R. Urbano, M. Protacio-De Guzman and Chinggay Labrador. Yay!

BTW, “All This Wanting” is coming out in other platforms as well, so stay tuned!

Oh and before you go, quick link up to HitList at TV5 for including Well Played in its list of 20 Fun Filipino Romances. Woot!

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