FEATURE: Your eco-friendly home, Forbes in Touch, February 2013 

Tips on the little steps each of us can take to have a more eco-friendly, environmentally aware household. Appeared in the February 2013 issues of Forbes in Touch and Dasmarinas Village Gazette. Read the scan here.

FEATURE: Take the Chef Home, Forbes in Touch, December 2012 

Take the Chef Home

An article on Metro Manila’s top chef-caterers, featuring Rolando Laudico, Sau del Rosario and Pinoy Eats World.

FEATURE: Date the Kids, DasmariƱas Village Gazette, Feb 2013 

Date the Kids

Date the Kids
A Valentine’s Day feature on “dating” kids by taking them to the Mind Museum and the Manila Ocean Park.

FEATURE: Ring in the Good Vibes, Northern Living, January 2013 

Article on overcoming negative thinking, setting goals and achieving more for the new year. Appeared in January 2013 issue of Northern Living. Read the scan here.

FEATURE: Unbusting the Budget (Northern Living, January 2013) 

Unbusting the Budget (Northern Living, January 2013)

Tips, tricks and advice to keep within budget, save up and enjoy life.


I’m a contributing writer to various channels on (Moms & Kids, Livewell, Fashion, etc.) EYP.ph and here are some of my recent articles: Six ways to alleviate morning sickness (Livewell) Outrageous kiddie party themes (Moms) 12 rainy day baby fashion picks (Moms) 12 best play schools in the city (Moms) Where to list your resume […]

FEATURE: A Different Christmas, Southern Living, December 2012 

A Different Christmas

A Different Christmas

While the holidays have their own collective activities, we all have our own Christmas traditions unique to our families and friends.

FEATURE: Christmas Traditions Decoded – Southern Living, Dec. 2012 

Ever wonder why we do all the things we do during the holidays — like send Christmas cards, light parols and kiss under mistletoe? Read Christmas Traditions Decoded (Southern Living, December 2012) to find out!

FEATURE: The Child In Child’s Pose, Southern Living, December 2012 

Yoga for kids sounds like an odd indulgence, but in actual fact it can be a wonderful alternative activity for children. Teaching kids all about balance, serenity, centeredness, flexibility and strength, it might just be the right hobby for your little one. Read The Child In Child’s Pose, December 2012 issue of Southern Living (click […]

FEATURE: Raising Confident Kids – Southern Living Dec. 2012 

Tips, suggestions and resources for appreciating, encouraging and loving your shy child: read Raising Confident Kids (click to read full article) in the December 2012 issue of Southern Living magazine.


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