While you were out: World Cup Hook Up 

So last week I finished something I’ve been working on for a couple of months (sign up for the mailing list to find out what this is!) and I needed to decompress, so I thought, hmm, the World Cup’s just ended, I should write something about it, no? This is what I ended up with: […]

SHORT FICTION: Mediocrity 

Published in September 2004 in the Philippines Free Press. Click each picture to enlarge and read.

Fools Like Us 

Dealing with mother-and-daughter relationships, fidelity and family, “Fools Like Us” appeared in two May 2004 issues of the Philippine Graphic and was one of the last stories chosen by the late Nick Joaquin for publication. Download and read Fools Like Us here. Or read the scans (click to enlarge):Part 1 – May 10, 2004 Part 2 […]


Part hangover cautionary tale, part observation on tabloid journalism, “Eavesdropping” was published in January 2004 by the Manila Times and appeared in the summer edition of the MAG: Muse Apprentice Guild (August 2004). Download and read Eavesdropping here.


“Tuklaw” is set in a parallel universe where women, not men, were first created by God. The protagonist leads a millenarian movement in the mountains of Bohol in defiance of oppressive society and reflects on his life. Written for my college thesis and published in 2002 in the Philippines Free Press. Download and read Tuklaw here.


click to enlarge “Neighbors” originally appeared in Growing Up Filipino II: Stories for Young Adults, published by PALH Books in 2009. The book is available from: Palhbooks.com, Philippine Expressions, Arkipelago, Amazon.com, The Book House, Follet Library Resources, Midwest Library and as a Kindle Edition at Amazon.com. Download and read “Neighbors” here. Book description: Gr 9 […]


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