Migs and Rachel read from Well Played 

Two years ago today #romanceclass had its first live reading. Since then, live readings have become a hallmark of our events–and a special experience for authors. Here, Migs Almendras and Rachel Coates breathe life to Well Played’s Paul Dalmacio and Patrice Reyes. So so so lovely. 🙂

Alive, and with a new book cooking! 

First things first: Berry The G, my long-time-in-the-making manuscript, is finally done! You can read the first chapter here. Some details about this book: – It’s in the New Adult (NA) genre – It has romance elements–romance figures heavily in the plot–but isn’t a romance per se as it does not fulfill the HEA/HFN requirement […]

Berry The G Chapter 1 

Oh my God, my last post was on March 2016?! Kaloka. I’m sorry for neglecting this blog. Howevuh, I have not been dormant. In 2016, I released a lot of books under my ~steamy~ persona (which is discussed quite a bit in this BookThingo podcast, yay!), including this anthology (which you can buy here yay again). […]

Well Played – the student edition 

Well Played

Calling all teachers and students! We’re doing this experiment with student editions of our work, which includes guide questions for students, discussion of themes and rationale for teachers. Here’s for Well Played: Well Played is a localized and modernized version of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice. Considered one of the masterpieces of English literature, Pride […]

Throwback: publishing before email(!) 

We’re counting down to the 2015 Filipino Readercon on various social media platforms, which has led to some fun posts like #shelfies (where I shared my super messy bookshelf) and book spine poetry and yesterday, #bookstash — where the lovely Marian Tee shared this stash of rarities from back in my Psicom days. And I do […]


For some time I’ve been concentrating on my other genre projects and keeping my own “brand” (heh) on pause. I’ve been thinking for a bit on how to restart things, and then I fell on the idea of a short story I had in the back burner. World Cup Hook Up was originally published on Wattpad, and […]

Reviewers needed! 

Hi there! I am taking a tiny break from my life as a pseudonymous writer of steam. I have a new (well…new enough) book up on Amazon now called World Cup Hook Up. And now I am looking for people willing to review the book. I’ll send you a free ARC in PDF or ePub format and […]

Romance Plus 

I’ve been reading a lot of romance recently, as a means to support my fellow indie writers, check out what everyone’s reading and get my fill of feels. And something that I realized recently? I ‘m a big fan of what I’d like to call Romance Plus. As in, Romance Plus something else — romance […]

Things are afoot 

So let me just leave this little sneaker of a teaser tweet here. A lightning round: Yes, I’m still writing. Yes, I’m writing under a different name. Yes, the use of a pseudonym is related to my work vis-a-vis Googleability. No, my work isn’t that strict but this is really more of a “just in […]

Checking in 

Here we are, right on schedule with my mysterious monthly blog post that tells you almost nothing. Almost! ALMOST. Because as you all know, most of my fiction-writing these days is under a different name, and I finally got official with that name, so  it’d be good somehow to keep y’all updated with what Other […]


Well Played

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