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Katrina Ramos Atienza - Katrina Got Dressed
I’ve always loved style blogs, but reading them always came with a bit of pain. I’m neither wealthy nor slim, and it seemed like most of my favorite style bloggers were one or the other (or both). Plus I’m a busy wife and mom of two with a limited budget for clothing who commutes to work, so that’s like three counts against me. But then I thought, frack it. There must be other ladies out there like me – ample of frame and short on budget and time – who still care about their appearance.

Katrina Got Dressed is a style blog just for that – luscious ladies who want to look nice. Mainly I created this blog to inspire myself to keep up with the effort of dressing up – because you know sometimes it’s a pain in the butt to think of what to wear tomorrow when the baby wants milk and Kuya needs help with the homework and Hubby’s hungry and all you wanna do is sleep (or eat. Or watch TV).

I’m no cutting edge fashionista and you’re probably not going to see wild outfits here. I just post what works for my day-to-day ramblings and hope that you and I can keep inspiring each other to fight the good fight against premature losyang*.

*ye olde cliche of busy moms in carpet slippers, daster and rollers, not that there’s anything wrong with that if that floats your boat

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