Content Development: The Blind Spot 

The Blind Spot: Uncover the Not-So-Hidden Truths of Business Success by Dave Almarinez.  Book Description: What’s the secret to success? In this book, entrepreneur and philanthropist Dave Almarinez picks apart the myths that once held him back from financial freedom, and introduces actionable exercises and discussion points to help you get past your own “blind spot.” Read […]

2013 Filipino ReaderCon 

Filipino Reader Con 2013

Last Saturday, December 7, southron, sniffly me braved the northbound commute to attend my first-ever Filipino ReaderCon — and it was worth the congestion! (Both traffic and sinus-wise ;-)) Worth it for: – Sharing my Pride & Prejudice feels at the Goodreads Filipino Group discussion. (I finally got to meet TFG's Tina, Alexa, Ranee and […]


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