Warm and fuzzy 

People have been saying super nice things about Well Played on Twitter, Facebook and even on Amazon! Rose tweeted and posted this lovely review on her blog Not Just Silly Thoughts. I firmly believe going back into college kilig mode is good for the soul! Karen is an old, dear friend and I appreciate how […]

UPLBisms in Well Played: The Org (aka The Soc) 

Today is the 37th anniversary of the UPLB Com Arts Society, my org when I was in college and The Org stand-in in Well Played. The book is dedicated to them! I have a glossary at the end of the book with all the terms that are UPLB-specific (so far all book feedback I’ve gotten […]

Retelling Pride & Prejudice 

Pride and Prejudice

Well Played‘s plot is a retelling of Pride & Prejudice — this much is obvious if you’ve read the book or seen the many film and TV versions or read Well Played’s description! A disclaimer: for Well Played I used Pride & Prejudice more as a device to structure the novel rather than a beat-for-beat […]


Take your cookbooks wherever you go! Download to your phone, Kindle or ebook reader of choice and enjoy delicious recipes on the spot. After volume 1, Chef Theo’s Foolproof Favorites, comes volume 2: Crowd Pleasers – Big Food for Big Groups. Featuring five of Chef Theo’s best-loved party recipes, these dishes will make you a […]

Chef Theo’s Cookbooks 

My first project as Editor-in-Chief of Resultado Gourmet Designs Co. are these e-cookbooks by Chef Theo Zaragoza. The first of the series is Foolproof Favorites – Chef Theo’s recipes for classic Filipino heritage dishes such as kare-kare and sinigang. The concept behind these cookbooks is to make them accessible to anyone with a mobile phone, […]

Book: The Thrifty Mom’s Guide to Style 

The Thrifty Mom’s Guide to Style – This short and sweet e-book, available on Amazon and Smashwords, contains tips, tricks and shortcuts to achieving style on a budget, including: 1. Establishing a baseline style2. Having fun with that balanced look3. Make up tutorials for “the Natural Look” and “Faking a Good Night’s Rest” On Amazon, […]


Well Played

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