2013 Filipino ReaderCon

Filipino Reader Con 2013

Last Saturday, December 7, southron, sniffly me braved the northbound commute to attend my first-ever Filipino ReaderCon — and it was worth the congestion! (Both traffic and sinus-wise ;-))

Worth it for:
– Sharing my Pride & Prejudice feels at the Goodreads Filipino Group discussion. (I finally got to meet TFG's Tina, Alexa, Ranee and Angus too! BTW if you're looking for similarly reading-obsessed friends who are down with fun discussions, do join this group!)
– Meeting fellow indie writers Stella Torres (Save the Cake), Chris Mariano (Cover (Story) Girl) and Anne Plaza (In Over Her Head). Get their books!
– Got to check out independent writers and came away with Crime Fighting Call Center Agents. Laughed really hard over this, and my son enjoyed it too!
– SADLY, I did not bring enough money to splurge on all the good stuff on sale, and I missed Gerry Alanguilan's panel! Spotted him right before the P&P discussion and soooo wanted to get a picture taken with him doing The Smile, but chickened out. (I am super shy ya know…)
Till the next ReaderCon!

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