Guest Post: Your Muse is Whispering: Stop Reading This

Toffer Tiña was a participant at the 2013 Eureka Seminar Series and one of the more active participants during The Unquiet Muse talk. He sent me this essay and I've reprinted this here with his permission. Thanks Toffer!

Your Muse is Whispering: Stop Reading This.
Last Saturday, I had met two incredible and interesting women. First is Katrina Ramos-Atienza, one of the products of the BA Communication Arts program, or simply BACA program in UPLB. She is a writer of chick lit yet in that day, I thank her for being a “tulay,” for finding me the love of my life, the second woman of that day- my Muse whom I already met before yet my first time knowing her. Yes, it is a nostalgic deja vu. Whether you are a man or woman, we all have our own Muse. She is our creative and artistic side lurking within us. She can be compared to a shadow, visible only if we look back and see those steps. She will only be there if we follow these steps.
First, find her. She might be a stranger at first among many others yet it with your heart that you can see her- rightly. Know her. Tell her your name. Talk with her. Share thoughts, feelings and stories. Of course, when you are already both seated in the table, order something for her to eat. Remember that we just do not make love with someone we love. We feed her. And when the time comes that your love becomes deeper and you already went in a hotel, both lying in the same bed, give up to your feelings and get naked. You won't lose anything. You will gain something.

At this point of writing this, I would like to tell everyone that I had always admired those who enrolled in a subject for the sake of learning as he or she knows nothing about this subject and not because he or she already knows everything or has a background about this subject. Why am I telling you this? It is because you can find her, your Muse, in a classroom but not in all classrooms. You can only find her if you are hungry or thirsty- for learning. She will come and give you a glass of water, a potion called love of learning. Love of learning is greater than learning. You can never find her if you already closed the door of your heart or mind (telling everyone else that I do not need her or anyone) or if you are already full- of yourself, your papers hurriedly done to be submitted on or before the deadline or extended deadlines known as deadliest deadlines and your tests to be reviewed on or before the day of the exam. Nowadays, we say that we are so busy for love yet is working not love? Love is everywhere. No one is safe.
When the time comes that you are separated by space and time, read something (a book, a newspaper or even a label) and you will see that in every page, you can see her name and face. Look at art, art and its meaning not isolated in museums but everywhere. It is to find interesting, sentimental and meaningful things to places you never expected. Make a story or connections to those unrelated objects- that is juxtaposition. Talk. Do not forget that you still have friends or if you are brave and friendly enough, find friends. Just do not forget that you have a woman, your Muse, waiting for you. If you do not have a friend or just so tired talking to your friend, talk to yourself. Sometimes, all you need is to be a little bit crazy. Exercise your Muse. Try different positions- (not in sex you grin-minded) but in your life and relationship with her. Bring your Muse to new fields, to new experiences, to adventures. Your Muse might sometimes be a hard mistress, too tired to make love or walk with you, yet never give up. She also needs to take a rest- like you.
Nevertheless, you may find another Muse, someone in the crowd of all Muses, someone new or more beautiful. You might leave your old Muse to replace her. But whoever it is, make time for her. Be committed. Be devoted. Have an appointment or a date with her- everyday. The best, sweetest and most unforgettable, date is everyday. Write everyday as if you were writing to someone close yet so far, to someone abroad. Miss her everyday and never let her miss you. Write at least one vignette or poem or story. Never stop writing, reading, imagining, observing, talking, listening, and researching. When you stop those and your dreams, your Muse dies- gradually. There is no greater sadness in seeing your love, your Muse, sick and dying. She is a flower, withering without sun, air, water, soil, and among these and above all, love.
Now, stop that song in your earphone or headset. Listen. Can you hear that? Do you? Or maybe it comes from your earphone or headset. She is singing. Your Muse is whispering, giving you a challenge, an inspiration, a purpose in life. She is whispering an idea so where ever you are, toilet, bus, jeep, bed, write it down or text it up before it is gone- with the wind. Who can even say or know that this idea, which came just a second or 20 seconds ago as you are reading this, can give you a whole new life or if not a whole new taste and look of life. So stop reading this for your Muse might visit again and relay you an idea soon. There are so many ideas in this world yet they are perishable not because of those who pick them but because of those who ignore and throw them away. They get expired. So stop, look, and listen. And when you successfully write it down, sit down, write the whole thing, make love with your Muse and tell her later, “Thank you for visiting my life.” And if you failed to listen to her or meet her for you are so busy, leave a note saying, “Sorry but thank you for stopping by.” Leave your door open.
That is the story of how and when love arrives. So love her. Never make her cry. Never break hearts. Be in love. Fall in love. Stay in love. Sorry if I have wrote like the writer of love and life tips like the writer of Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo or the writer of Chicken Soup for the Soul. I just cannot stop loving my Muse. I just cannot express how blessed and joyful I am. I am thankful and content.
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