Impulse control

Well Played by Katrina Ramos Atienza

Well hey! I’m still alive, yay!

The reason for my longer than usual hiatus is (well, a bunch of things, really, including something at work that involved learning how to analyze box plots and control charts and using the words stable and capable in a totally non-romcom leading man context) that I joined this thing called Buqo Steamy Reads. The awesome Mina V. Esguerra led the charge on this class. Basically we had five weeks to come up with an adult romance novella. Amazingly, around 23 writers completed first drafts, and today, on the final day of submitting the final final novella versions, there have been around 10 (TEN!) complete books, with covers. Covers! Go check out the hash tag #buqosteamyreads on Twitter to see them all (and join the party too.)

The writing experience has been intense, but also liberating. With a compressed time frame I found ways around my usual, er, writing lethargy, as well as finding how the plot can work with and not against my natural tendencies.

Needless to say it was a lot of fun to write and a total bitch to edit, oh my God.

“Wait, what?” you might be asking yourself. “Is she saying that she finished a novella?” Yes, I did. “So what’s it called?” Well…here’s the tricky part. For professional and Linkedin/Googleabiliy reasons I decided to use a pen name. And it won’t make sense to link the pen name to my real name, yah? (But if you mosey around my Twitter page you’ll probably figure out which book is mine.)

But here’s the thing. I still want you to read this book. I want you to support too, because they so generously sponsored this steamy reads experiment (and distributing the novellas exclusively for a year. Get it the app on iOS; soon on Android too.) So let’s try something. If you sign up below for my mailing list, I’ll tell you all about this ~*mysterious schmexy book*~ including when and where you can get it. And hopefully you can tell your friends too! And I promise not to spam you or anything. Because you can totally rat me out if I do.

How about that? Lezzgow!

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