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You know the feeling of juggling too many things at the same time, and the stress of keeping it all in the air, so you need to drop a few things so that you don’t go crazy?

Yeah, this blog’s one of them, and I’m sorry.

I’ve been feeling blue lately and it’s this weird blueness (laladidada) of finishing something cool and the “what’s next? I need to maximize the results of this thing. I need to keep pushing it!” pressure that comes right after. That and my usual sweet spot of feeling actuated, which is most people’s full-on stress-crazy.

Aside from the legitimately stressful work stuff and pressure I’m also consumed by the dumbest things. Like, my football’s off, I need to practice more! I need to up my cardio because I wheeze too quickly now! And yay I’m part of another writing group (which is an excellent way to get people to write and finish, props to Mina) but ohhhh the outlines I need to do and drafting and all that jazz. Hah!

So, yeah. It’s been kind of getting to me.


Some cool things:

-> I will be part of an awesome collection of new adult stories called New Adult Quick Reads Vol. 2: All This Wanting. Isn’t that an awesome title? I’m privileged to be among such writers as Ines Bautista Yao, Alyssa Urbano, M. Protacio-De Guzman, Lois Jencel Ramos and Chinggay Labrador. Stay tuned for links on how to get this!

-> I still have my “secret book” out and you can still get it, very affordabl. I promise it’s a fun read and unlike what I’ve written before. But you’ll need to sign up to my mailing list to find out what this is because I kind of have to keep it on the down low (when you read the book you’ll understand.) 😀

I want to know more, girl!

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