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I’ve been reading a lot of romance recently, as a means to support my fellow indie writers, check out what everyone’s reading and get my fill of feels. And something that I realized recently? I ‘m a big fan of what I’d like to call Romance Plus. As in, Romance Plus something else — romance + crime, romance + mystery, even romance + feminism (which absolutely works fantabulously — more on this later). I’ve found that I need something more than a boy meets girl story to hook me in, although the feels part of the story shouldn’t be half-assed either. This isn’t a critique of the romance genre at all; just a personal preference of mine (and maybe it’s because my go-to genre has been that all-purpose catchall fantasy, which can be a vehicle for five hundred different themes depending on the writer, and that’s sort of how my reading brain is wired).

I bring this up because of my new book which is out today, and is my attempt at Romance Plus.  It’s part of a planned three-book arc, and that’s where the Plus will come in later.

What other Romance Plus books can I recommend to you?

Mina Esguerra’s Interim Goddess of Love trilogy is sweet romance plus mythology.

Mina’s Scambitious books are classics, for me — Romance Plus Caper, in the Veronica Mars / George Smiley vein.

Romance Plus Feminism sounds like a bad idea, but Camilla Sisco makes it work amazingly in Submission Moves largely by writing in the space between where these two concepts rub against each other, creating this dynamic friction.

Outlander, which I’ve gushed about before, is Romance Plus six million other things, though I don’t think author Diana Gabaldon likes the romance tag much.

What do you think? Does Romance Plus make sense to you, or do you find it muddles your reading experience?

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