The Unquiet Muse at the 2013 Eureka Seminar Series, UPLB

Last Saturday I had the great honor to speak at the Eureka Seminar Series at UPLB, organized by my college org, the UPLB Com Arts Society. I talked about spurring creativity and called my talk The Unquiet Muse.

Who is your muse?

It was a fun experience that I truly enjoyed! There were about 100 attendees throughout the the day (aside from my talk on creative writing, we had seminars on broadcasting from GMA News reporter Oscar Oida, journalism from Philippine Star columnist Bum Tenorio, and advertising and branding from Karl Domingo — all UPLB Com Arts Society alumni, BTW!)

Before the first exercise, 'Show, don't tell'

 Those who know me well also know I'm not big on public speaking…so imagine having to face this crowd without a mic! Yikes! But I got over the fear soon enough, because I was blessed to have an audience who were so creative, engaged and inspiring!

Toffer reads a love story

Toffer was one of the attendees and he even messaged me on Facebook with an essay he wrote inspired by the talk. Here's an excerpt:

It is because you can find her, your Muse, in a classroom but not in all classrooms. You can only find her if you are hungry or thirsty- for learning. She will come and give you a glass of water, a potion called love of learning. Love of learning is greater than learning. You can never find her if you already closed the door of your heart or mind (telling everyone else that I do not need her or anyone) or if you are already full- of yourself, your papers hurriedly done to be submitted on or before the deadline or extended deadlines known as deadliest deadlines and your tests to be reviewed on or before the day of the exam. Nowadays, we say that we are so busy for love yet is working not love? Love is everywhere. No one is safe.

I've asked Toffer if I can post his entire essay here; hope I hear from him soon — it's a great piece of work.

I hope I get to repeat the experience. It's wonderful hearing from aspiring creatives and exchanging advice too. You can check out more photos from the event over here.

Like this scrumptious UPLB Com Arts Society cake!
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