Things are afoot

So let me just leave this little sneaker of a teaser tweet here.

A lightning round:

Yes, I’m still writing.
Yes, I’m writing under a different name.
Yes, the use of a pseudonym is related to my work vis-a-vis Googleability.
No, my work isn’t that strict but this is really more of a “just in case, if they do come across this other side of me that’s fine, but I’d rather not make it so public for now….” for reasons that probably only make sense to me, so yeah, there.
Yes, books are coming out under this pseudonym, and one of them in print (see sneaky tweet link.)
Yes, there’s a brand new one coming up in June which I am hoping to follow up with another in August.
And yes if you’d like to learn more about them rather than these elliptical non-posts, the best way is to leave your email address here and you’ll be the first to know.

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